Fresh Insights 12 - Opportunities for small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to supply the UK fresh fruit & vegetable markets

April 10, 2008 |

In its continuing efforts to help reduce poverty in developing countries, DFID has tried to promote the international trade in horticultural produce grown by small-farmers. It has been suggested that there could be a good opportunity for small-farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to supply fresh fruit and vegetables that have not met the certification standards demanded by the supermarkets. There has been only a very slow uptake by small-farmers to supply the markets that require, for example, EurepGAP-certified produce and therefore, it was decided to investigate the market opportunities for non-certified fruit and vegetables. The market opportunity was thoroughly researched in April and May 2007. The research concentrated on numerous trade and market interviews and an analysis of the import data.

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