Home Medical

Harmony home medical is a store that produces medical equipments in the San Diego Area. The company is always dedicated to providing the medical equipments to its customers in the area. It makes sure the customers get quality supplies either by selling them to the customers or by renting the supplies to its customers.

ee6b2The company was founded in 1998 in Redding city of California. The Company has been operating in San Diego since 2008. This business has built a reputation by providing professional and excellent services to its customers.

The store is always dedicated to give its clients excellent services that will always improve their living standards. The company is also very devoted to always make sure that its employees are well trained and have enough ability to provide excellent services to the citizens of San Diego. The store is also able to provide supplies to the door-step of clients. The firm gives its clients the most convenient supplies that are can be used by any person who needs them.

They provide quality supplies which include wheelchairs, scooters, power wheelchairs, walkers, beds, bathroom accessories, car lifts, lift chairs, ramps, stair lifts, therapeutic surfaces and other home accessories. The company also has artisans who use their profession to repair wheelchairs and other equipment. The repair shop is located in Lemon Grove, San Diego. The medical company also has a mobile repair unit that serves the whole San Diego area.

The company welcomes all its clients to visit its show rooms, where they are assisted to get the best products they need. The business has a showroom in Kearney Mesa, San Diego that is filled with enough equipment to satisfy the needs of every client (the equipment can either be for sale or for rental purposes). The products are rented either on a daily, weekly or on a monthly basis. The company has provides all the services at an affordable cost that depends on the type of accessories the client want.

d82fThe Harmony Home Medical is a store that is always ready to provide almost all the needs of its clients and if it does not have some it uses the knowledge of its professionals to buy the equipment from other stores. Every person in San Diego should always visit this store to be provided with the best supplies in the area.