Fresh Insights 6: Impact of EurepGAP on small-scale vegetable growers in Kenya

January 7, 2007 |

by Andrew Graffham, Esther Karehu & James MacGregor

This report aims to improve the understanding of the viability of Kenyan small-scale growers in export horticulture chains that include EurepGAP compliance criteria. To this end a methodology has been devised and piloted in Zambia employing a survey tool based around understanding the costs and benefits of EurepGAP compliance. For this work a survey of the outline costs and benefits of producing export crops in Kenya was undertaken with the aim to help answer this cost-benefit question, indicate trends and illustrate incentives for SSG farmers to continue being part of EurepGAP.

The paper can be downloaded below. A shorter 2-page brief of this paper is available as part of the Fresh Perspectives series here

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