Signs That You Suffer From Low Self Esteem

There are times when you feel like you are a victim of tragic events. You see life has cruel and unfair to you when you have done nothing wrong with it. You believe that you deserve a better life, but you refuse change. You always day dream seeing yourself happy. Unfortunately, you live that life in your head and at the end of the day, you think you have no reasons why you should live such a life. According to experts, the following are signs of low self-esteem.

No faith in yourself
Every time you come up with new ideas and want to give it a try, you believe you cannot do it. It is your wish that certain day, it will happen. low self esteem 23Someday, it means it is not going to happen.

Settle for less
There is always someone or something you want in life. However, when you receive something, which is not matching the standards, you take, and that is all. Although, this is not a bad habit, you will end up settling for less at all times. Never take this habit into relationships, as you will end up being abused.

Saying yes always
For example, someone has asked you to go out, you say yes because it is a polite thing to do. You may not like to be out with that person. Professional psychotherapists will help you if you suffer from such problems. When a person asks for a favor from you, you will always say yes, even if it is at the expense of your time. Even if it is very inconvenient to you, you will never say no to others.

Tired of everything
Every day you feel tired. You are always complaining how tired you are in low self esteem 24doing anything. Unfortunately, you settle on that, and you fail to make changes to the current state that is facing you.

You cannot move on
You always talk about the past. You see how the past was better. Your family, friends, co-workers and even strangers hear your past stories. In most cases, you are the one telling others about your past

You want to be happy
You want to be happy, but the past is holding you. Counselling and psychotherapy help can help you focus ahead to achieve your happiness. When you settle for something much less, people will start taking advantage of you. You will feel abused, demotivated, and broken.