Chiang Mai, Thailand’s Capital of Culture

With a past of over 700 years, Chiang Mai has been considered the cultural center of northern Thailand. Roughly 700 km from Bangkok, it is a city that incorporates beautiful sights of the tallest mountains in Thailand. Arts and crafts markets, and modernity that have been drawing an increasing number of travelers and long-lasting visitors.

As many as five million tourists come to Chiang Mai every year, thanks to its mix of unique culture and ease of access. They come to Chiang Mai as it offers so many diverse possibilities including great food at

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The city provides a large wide range of amenities, sightseeing options and adventure trips that interest any traveler. Whether you are traveling with your wife, your family or you are elderly: in Chiang Mai there are various ancient ruins, public parks and botanical gardens that will easily match the tastes of travelers looking for a quiet place. While for adventurers or families with youngsters the Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium as well as rafting adventures, caving, tiger farms and elephant camps provide the perfect diversions.

For the shopper there many markets such as the Warorot Market and the Night Bazaar that offer you a glance into Thai culture and way of living, as well as a chance to buy unusual souvenirs to take home. The well-known Walking Streets, available Saturday and Sunday, satisfy similar function but provide an even larger range of product typically offered directly by artists, sculptors, silversmiths, and weavers. Outside the city itself there are numerous crafting towns and factories from which top quality, unique items can be purchased. When you are exhausted and desire to take is easy on a Sunday you can even have a nice meal at a top breakfast spot in Chiang Mai.

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Another reason to pick Chiang Mai for your location in Southeast Asia is that it is one of the much cheaper cities in Thailand in addition to one of the least expensive in the region while not quitting tidiness and security. While a trip to an Asian city of a comparable price range will need compromise with your accommodation, hygiene and personal safety, in Chiang Mai this is not the case: it is possible to walk about the city late at night, alone, in a lot of areas without having to be afraid for your life or your belongings.