The Best Superfoods

sup3Try these nutrient-packed super foods that will assist keep you feeling great and healthy from the inside-out!

#Blue berries-The deep blue hue that’s found in blueberries is a by-product of flavonoids_a natural compounds that help protect the neurons (the brain��s memory-carrying cells) from damaging-effect of inflammation and oxidation. It also has a high level of water content, which helps in hydrating your skin and other body cells.

#Sardines-ounce-to-ounce sardines are rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fats just like salmon! They are low in contaminant, packed with high quality protein, eco-friendly (no need to worry yourself about overfishing) and super affordable.

If you purchase sardines that are canned with the bones you will get a hefty-dose of calcium, too.

#Spinach-Spinach is rich or filled with antioxidant that includes beta-carotene and vitamin C, as well as zeaxanthin and lutein (a duo that protects against macular degeneration and acts like sunscreen for your eyes). One cup of spinach leaves also offers double the daily-requirement for vitamin K (which plays an imperative role in bone health and cardiovascular). Lastly you cannot forget that spinach happens to be a great source of iron (which keeps your nails and hair healthy and stronger).sup

#Pistachio nuts-Nut provide a nutritious combination of heart-healthy unsaturated fat, fiber and protein hence they are nature’s perfect foods. Pistachios are rich in soluble fiber and phytosterols (two natural compound that help lower the total and LDL or `bad’ cholesterol levels).

#Red bell peppers-Red bell pepper contains twice as much Vitamin C_as an orange. The vitamin C in bell peppers is a strong antioxidant that assists clear your whole body of free-radicals and keeps your blood vessels and skin strong and healthy. The Vitamin C may also assist prevent arthritis.

#Beans-are a source of vegetarian fiber and protein, two nutrients that assist you remain satisfied and full. These nutrients also temper any rise in blood-sugar that appears after a meal. Beans have a low level of fat and are a good source of potassium and magnesium, nutrients that collectively work together to lower your blood pressure & keep your blood vessels and heart healthy.

#Egg white-are a versatile low calorie, high-quality protein, fat-free choice. For seventeen calories you have 4g of protein per each egg white. Egg white can also assist you maintain strong muscles, nails, hair and bones.

#Oats-you have probably heard that it is good to consume oats if you’ve high cholesterol. That is because whole sup2grain oat happens to be the best source of soluble fiber, which help in lowering cholesterol and help keep you blood sugar level under control.

#Pumpkin-Potassium and Beta-carotene are the 2 standouts here: these nutrients help rejuvenate your skin, reduce risk of arthritis and protect your vision.

#Dark chocolate-Dark chocolate contain flavonoids, antioxidants that can lower your blood pressure. Choose dark chocolate that’s at least 70 % cocoa or cacao to optimize the health benefits and antioxidant power thus when it come to the question which are the best superfood? Now you know.